English Language Learning & Neurodiversity has the aim of improving knowledge about neurodiverse learners within the context of English language teacher education. 


In the interdisciplinary consortium that makes up Interact4School, educational experts team up with computational linguists, specialists for English language teaching & learning, and experts in digitally-mediated language learning to integrate machine-learning tools into foreign language instruction. 


Funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research, the Dortmunder Profile for Inclusive Teacher Education strives to address the attitudes and competences necessary for future school teachers to meet the needs of all learners in heterogeneous settings. 


The goal of teaching and learning with digital media needs to be collaborative, subject-specific, adaptive, and inclusive. How to achieve this aim is the focus of Kollaboratives Lehren und Lernen mit digitalen Medien, an initiative of the TU Dortmund. 

Netzwerk Inklusiver Englischunterricht

The interdisciplinary Netzwerk Inklusiver Englischunterricht (Network for Inclusive Englisch Instruction) develops and researches possibilities for strengthening inclusive English language teaching and learning. 

DigiVers FU

DigiVers FU focuses on the digital universe of foreign language learning. It fosters innovative approaches to digital media in relation to English language teaching & learning.  DigiVers FU is currently in development!

Curriculum 4.0

The goal of Curriculum 4.0 is to use digitalization as both an inclusive method and as a content focus to foster subject-specific digital competences among pre-service German and English Language teachers.


In cooperation with local schools, future teachers have the opportunity through TEFLkollab to practice collaboration with peers and future colleagues in a Community of Practice, while simultaneously developing their skills in assigning activities to students and providing them with feedback.

DELT: Designing English Language Teaching